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How we work

We're committed to funding innovative technology startups making a global impact. We provide our investors and corporate partners with access and opportunities for collaboration while empowering entrepreneurs at every stage in their journey.

How we work with startups

We help startups become investment-ready. With our corporate and investor partners, we create meaningful opportunities with business leaders.

Our specialized, process-driven approach is different.

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We specialize in the intersection of technology with specific industrial domains.

We focus on the challenges that early-stage, international B2B startups face when trying to raise capital and obtain meaningful commercial traction.

Our collaborative due-diligence process helps us make better decisions, and participants tell us they help them become better entrepreneurs.

At Sente, we are not an accelerator or angel investor. We work to create valuable long-term partnerships between entrepreneurs and corporate and investment partners.


We are thrilled to be part of the Sente family, an incredible global founders network. They have introduced us to key partners, constantly been a sounding board for ideas and honest feedback

Rene Perkins

how we - corporations

How we work with innovative corporations

Corporations and startups are a powerful combination for technological innovation. But, making the right connection can be a challenge. Innovation challenges and accelerators can create short-term buzz, but what about those corporations looking to build outside innovation and investment capabilities for the long term? That's when our approach works best.

Our corporate partners often come to us with three objectives in mind:

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1. To locate new ideas that can become new, high-growth lines of business.

2. To evaluate breakthrough technologies to deploy in their operations to gain agility and improve productivity.

3. To hedge against disruptive business models and technology trends that might affect the company's future competitiveness.

We find the right opportunities for our corporate partners. We then use our expert due diligence process to ensure value for both investors and startups and a long-term partnership to create value together.

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Our partnership with Sente reflects our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with cutting-edge automated solutions that increase safety, productivity, accuracy, and efficiency.

Sandeep Sakharkar
Chief Information Officer


How we work with investors

The family offices, angels, funds-of-funds and corporate investors that partner with us are investing globally with confidence.

how we - investors

Our structured approach mitigates key risks and is done with intent:

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Investment opportunities are commercially validated with our network of industry partners

Our high-quality analysis provides deep insights and market context (which complements the scarce analyst resources of our investor partners)

Investment partners share the risk with us and other investors

The synergies we create between portfolio companies are important levers for achieving hyper-growth and exit

For more information on co-investing with us or to become a limited partner in our fund,

We invest in startups with technology solutions in the food and agriculture, supply chain, energy, manufacturing, and transportation sectors. 

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