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Contact: Sente Foundry LLC


Chicago, IL (November 25, 2020): Sente Foundry LLC (“Sente”) is pleased to announce the startups selected to participate in their LogisticsTech program taking place virtually through mid-January 2020.
The eight selected startups are:
•    CargoFive ( – A platform to search, compare, and manage ocean freight rates across multiple carriers.
•    Focuslabs ( – Provides route optimization and load optimization solutions to the logistics and manufacturing industries.
•    Handplus Robotics ( – A robotics company specializing in pick and place applications for logistics, e-commerce fulfillment, warehousing, and healthcare
• ( – A platform that uses real-time location data to analyze operational data on a map to power hyper-local decisions
•    MaCh eX ( – An IoT platform company that offers solutions for freight logistic and smart cities
•    Omnitro ( – An asset-light approach to handling e-commerce fulfillment, shipping, and returns.
•    ParkPalet ( – Matches companies looking for short-term warehouse space with warehouse operators with excess capacity.
•    Terralanes ( – A logistics knowledge management system designed specifically for freight brokerages.
•    Vyorius ( – Brings all of the operations, command, and maintenance tools together to connect unmanned vehicles no matter where you’re operating.

Sente’s LogisticsTech program features an intense set of activities to analyze and evaluate participating startups, connect them with customer projects, and introduce them to an ecosystem of investors and service providers. Startups will work with the Sente team using a structured process that better prepares them to attract serious investors and customers and places them in a fast-moving, talented ecosystem of LogisticsTech startups and industry leaders. 


The program also connects participating startups with a large group of international mentors with executive roles in logistics, food, manufacturing, consulting industries, and hands-on coaching and guidance from venture capital partners such as Hatcher+, Amplifier Labs, and Dynamo Ventures.


At the end of the program, at least five startups will be selected for phase two of the program and possibly receive additional investment. 


About Sente Foundry, LLC

Sente Foundry, LLC (“Sente”) is a Chicago-based startup investment, scouting, and innovation platform. Sente searches the world for the most high-potential startups and helps them scale through partnerships with international corporations and investors. With Sente, startups can scale faster and do so internationally; investors get line-of-sight and a new way to invest in the world’s most promising startups, and corporations accelerate innovation like never before. Since its founding in 2013, Sente has supported early-stage companies that operate in over 40 countries, received over $35M in funding, and have generated revenues exceeding $80M. Find Sente online at https://sente.linkLinkedIn, and Twitter.

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