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Birdie simplifies and automates complex international supply chain operations

Chicago, IL (February 21, 2023)Sente Ventures ("Sente") announces funding of Birdie, a software-as-a-service startup that is tackling the complex supply chain problems in Latin America.

The Birdie team worked with Sente to refine its business model, market segmentation, resourcing strategy and growth plan. The company received a pre-seed cash investment and has begun working with importers and exporters in Mexico.


"We're excited to bring Birdie into the Sente family. This startup is poised to lead the way for a digital revolution of supply chain in Latin America, and the team has the experience and vision to get it done. The timing is also great: with the move to offshoring and demand for faster and more transparent logistics, Latin America is the next great market for LogisticsTech innovation” said Gerod Carfantan, COO of Sente Ventures.


The Birdie team sees its relationship with Sente and its LogisticsTech ecosystem as a critical step in its journey to become a market leader in supply chain technology for the Americas. The company’s CEO, Héctor Nicola Laborin, said "we are thrilled to begin this journey alongside Sente, with their support, experience and network towards our vision validates our commitment to improve Supply Chain operations, empowering companies to thrive in a rapidly changing world. “


Sente continues to search the globe for promising startups with international potential. Participants should be early-stage startups with unique technologies or innovative business models to solve the problems of supply chain, waste management, energy management and sustainable and healthy food and agriculture. 

For more information about Sente's investment focus and portfolio, please visit their website. For more information on Birdie, visit



About Sente Ventures

Sente Ventures ("Sente") is a Chicago-based early-stage startup investment firm that works with corporations, family offices, and institutional investors to connect startups with innovative and scalable opportunities using its unique international investment platform. Sente searches the world for the most high-potential startups and helps them scale through partnerships with its partners. With Sente, startups can scale faster and do so internationally; investors get line-of-sight, a new way to invest in the world's most promising startups; and corporations accelerate innovation like never before. Since its founding in 2013, Sente has supported early-stage companies that operate in over 40 countries, received over $35M in funding, and has generated revenues exceeding $80M. Find Sente online at sente.vcLinkedIn, and Twitter.

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