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Sitedropp Officially Part of the Sente Family

We are excited to share that Sitedropp, a logistics-tech company with a micro-fulfillment network that connects the construction industry and homeowners with on-demand materials delivery, is officially part of the Sente Family.

Sitedropp logo

Sitedropp came to our attention when they participated in our Logisticstech (now called Supply Chain and Warehouse Tech) program last year. Sitedropp worked with our team to dive deep into its business model, develop a plan for scaling, and refine its market segmentation and geographic expansion strategy.

“Participating in Sente’s program has helped us elevate and strengthen our business model.” - Sitedropp CEO Steve Wandel.

Sitedropp is an on-demand delivery platform bringing project materials directly to its customers' locations. The platform saves customers time and money by handling the materials run quickly, conveniently, and reliable. Sitedropp's customers include professional contractors and do-it-yourself-ers (DIYers) making improvements to their homes. Retailers can partner with Sitedropp to meet the very high customer expectations for fast delivery.

“Sitedropp’s co-founders understand the construction and remodeling business very well, and they know that contractors and tradespeople value their time more than anything else. We’re excited to see how Sitedropp can take the demand last-mile delivery business model into new, highly profitable areas.” - Gerod Carfantan

Our pre-seed cash investment allowed Sitedropp to launch its southwest Michigan / northwest Indiana hub and prepare to expand nationally.

“We are excited to propel our business forward and reach more of our target market thanks to the investment and incredible resources that come with joining the Sente family. - Marshall Downs, COO of Sitedropp

Welcome to the Sente family, Sitedropp!

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