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Sente LogisticsTech Family Grows

In November 2020, we launched our LogisticsTech program. Participants were early-stage startups in connected & autonomous technology, freight & last-mile data platforms, warehouse, e-fulfillment, supply chain technologies, robotics, and IoT.

There is so much upheaval and, meanwhile, so much innovation in logistics, so we're really excited about this group of startups' potential and what we can do together.

After completing phase one of the program, we are excited to welcome these international startups to our portfolio:

  1. Omnitro: A global fulfillment network for cross-border e-commerce shipments

  2. Terralanes: Software that provides visualization and knowledge management of freight brokers' customer relationships

  3. Vyorius: A solution for operations, command, and maintenance of unmanned vehicle fleets

Our LogisticsTech program started with nine startups receiving an intense, hands-on evaluation and refinement of their business model for global scale-up and potential. After that, they worked with our team, using our proprietary process to better prepares them to attract serious investors and customers.

Our LogisticsTech 2020 partner was QuickLoad, an online platform that connects shippers to truckers. QuickLoad Founder & CEO Ozan Baran served as a mentor to the startups, providing valuable insight from someone who has gone from startup to LogisitcsTech leader.

"At Quickload, we see firsthand the fast changes happening in the world of logistics. The pandemic shock made it obvious that logistics needs more digital technologies to make the system more resilient. We're happy to be a part of that movement and work with these great startups in the program," says Baran.

The selected companies move to Phase Two of the program, which includes a cash investment. They also receive another ten months of official hands-on support, which continues long after the formal program is complete.

Even though we selected these startups, all participants continue to be part of the Sente Family, allowing them to participate in future events, both physical and virtual.

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