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LogisticsTech: Investing in Startups Creating the Future of Logistics, Supply Chain & Transportation

Starting in November, we will be launching our fourth annual Mobility-related program, LogisticsTech. This year, the focus on the movement of goods.

Even before the pandemic hit, we saw the opportunity created when an antiquated global logistics system, aging workforce, and continually growing economy converge with digital disruption of shipping and supply chain. For that reason, late in 2019, we began planning this program by lining up new partners, industry experts, and an anchor investment (Quickload) that forms the ecosystem's basis.

The Impact of Startups

At Sente, we firmly believe in platforms and ecosystems. We see startups using technology to solve specific problems for mature logistics companies or create new and agile business models that disrupt the industry in specific ways.

Some of these technologies and business models include:

  • Autonomous and connected transportation

  • The interplay between financial services (FinTech) and logistics

  • Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things applied to different parts of the Logistics value chain

  • Cybersecurity, privacy, and traceability technologies for movement of goods

  • Industry-specific logistics and supply chain technologies (e.g. "farm to fork")

About our LogisticsTech Program

As with all of our investment programs, LogisticsTech will include an intense set of activities where startups will work hand-in-hand with our analysts, our corporate partners, and our mentors to make early-stage investments while also facilitating commercial pilots between the participants, our partners, and our portfolio companies.

We envision a distributed digital system for shipping goods from first mile to last mile (home or business), across land, air, and sea. For that reason, we are casting a wide net and looking for early-stage startups with solutions and technologies across the spectrum for trucks, trains, ports, warehouses, delivery to the home, and everything in between.

We offer an outcome-oriented approach. We are not an accelerator!

The LogisticsTech program begins November 16, but startups need to submit their applications by September 30 (sooner is better to make it through the first round of shortlisting).

To learn more and submit an application, visit our LogisticsTech page.


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