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Join us at Cargo Summit, January 5-6

In late 2019 we began to explore the innovation opportunities in the whole area of "movement of goods," from ocean and air freight, to over-the-road trucking, to distribution centers, last mile, and everything in between. We realized it was time to refocus our Mobility priorities toward logistics rather than strictly movement-of-people.

In hindsight, it was a lucky choice because the pandemic restricted people's movement, while the resulting shocks to supply chains and new opportunities created with accelerating e-commerce shipments, cross-border shipping challenges, and the urgency of getting health care supplies, PPE, and vaccines to people.

To kick off a promising 2021, we are hosting Cargo Summit, a virtual investor conference, to stimulate discussion on investments and innovation in Logistics.

This will include:

All of the participating startups will give a 2-minute pitch to kick off their panel discussion, and you can visit them at our Virtual Expo and Networking events. And attendees will be able to network with other attendees (3-minute video meetings) and even create their own breakout sessions if you wish.


Sign up here. If you cannot attend a live session, you can watch the recordings (links to be sent after the event is closed).

This event is the closing of Phase 1 of our LogisticsTech startup investment program. Several early-stage LogisticsTech startups will receive a minimum of $75k investment and the chance for pilots and partnerships with our program ecosystem.


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