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Industrial Tech

Innovations for reducing waste, decreasing carbon output and optimizing use of raw materials that help our industries become more efficient and more sustainable

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“Industry 5.0” - circularity combined with digitization - is the next step in the evolution of manufacturing and business. We start to see a world where humans and machines collaborate to create a personalized product or experience for the consumer. Production becomes circular, benefitting the planet, protecting our resources, and rewarding efficiency. 

We are looking for the world’s most promising technology-focused startups at multiple stages of development (prototype stage through commercialization), seeking pre-seed and seed funding and pilot projects. Our partners are leaders in logistics, consumer brands, e-commerce, transportation, and the public sector. Together, we will find solutions to make today’s businesses more efficient and sustainable, and lead Industry 5.0, the Industrial Circular Economy.

Participating startups will have the opportunity for commercial pilots, R&D partnerships, and strategic investment. We accept applicants throughout the year.

Applicants must be post R&D stage (MVP ready or < 6 months away) or fully commercialized, with breakthrough technologies or new business models. They may be across many areas in the movement of people and goods (urban, cross-country, and around the world).

We are looking for early-stage startups with technologies in areas such as:

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CO2 Capture & Reduction

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New & Upcycled Materials

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Clean Energy

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Waste Reduction

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Water Management

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Process Improvements

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Sustainable Supply Chain

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Starting our journey with Sente helped us to think and act globally from day one. We established important connections with partners and investors thanks to their network and their long-term support helped us to make better decisions and pursue new opportunities. 

Mete Özturk & Anil Uzengi
Co-Founders, Stroma Vision



The primary objective of this investment program is to seek out startups in circular economy and digital transformation where they intersect with manufacturing, energy, and transportation sectors, to connect to customer projects and make early-stage investments in a select few.


Success may be defined differently for each participating startup but may generally include:

  • A commercial pilot

  • An R&D collaboration

  • A strategic investment or joint venture

  • A go-to-market partnership

  • A pre-seed or seed stage investment from

  • Sente or its investment partners

Partnerships with different technology partners and industrial partners. Our multi-phased process is designed to efficiently support decision points at each step of the process to maximize the likelihood of achieving one or more of these goals, with clarity and clear expectations for each of the stakeholders along the way.


Programs are mostly virtual and acceptance is on a rolling basis (some in-person events may take place but will be optional).


Join our family of startups, investors, and corporate partners in the circular industrial and industry 5.0 sectors.

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