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Ingredients, technologies, processes and experiences for the future of food and its intersection with human wellbeing

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In partnership with Griffith Foods, pladis, the Northstar Innovation Company (the innovation arm of  Yildiz Holding), and Ingredion, we are investing globally in FoodTech startups. Specifically, we are looking for early-stage startups with novel ingredients, snacks, packaging, and technology that can meet the needs and desires of an ever-evolving consumer landscape.

We are looking for early-stage startups with technologies in areas such as:

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New Ingredients

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Food R&D Tech

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New Food

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Food Process Tech

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Waste Reduction


We are thrilled to be working with Sente again this year with a particular focus on groundbreaking technologies, ingredients, and brands for health and wellness.

Özge Erdohan
Head of Research
NorthStar Innovation
/ Yildiz Holding



The primary objective of this investment program is to connect early-stage startups to international food, food service, grocery, and ingredient companies, including their investment and R&D arms.

Success may be defined differently for each participating startup but may generally include:

  • A commercial pilot 

  • An R&D collaboration

  • A strategic investment or joint venture

  • A go-to-market partnership

  • A pre-seed or seed stage investment from Sente or its investment partners

  • Partnerships with different foodtech, ingredient, packaging, marketing, and distribution partners 


Our multi-phased process is designed to efficiently support decision points at each step to maximize the likelihood of achieving one or more of these goals, with clarity and clear expectations for each stakeholder along the way.

Programs are mostly virtual and acceptance is on a rolling basis (some in-person events may take place but will be optional).


Join our family of startups, investors, and corporate partners in the food and agricultural technology sectors.

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